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Take The First Step 

Nilasor Solutions will help you take that first step! 

The first step to putting your small business on the world wide web is establishing a web hosting account with a reputable web hosting company.  For a small consulatation fee, Nilasor Solutions will guide you every step of the way in getting your account secured, setup and ready for your web pages to be created.  The consultation service includes the following:

1.  Brief discussion on nature of business
2.  Assistance with domain name registration
3.  Guidance on securing appropriate web hosting account
4.  Guidance on setting up user accounts and giving access to web developers
5.  FTP account setup
6.  SQL Server database setup
7.  SSL security installation
8.  Main email accounts setup
9.  Basic guidance on using the web account control panel
10.  Overview of options for next step

PLEASE NOTE:  Your new web hosting account will require a monthly fee that can be as little as $10 per month or as much as $25 per month, depending on your needs.  This is a small price to pay for the benefits of having your own place on the internet, and the great services and tools that come with this account.  Your web hosting services will be with one of the world's leaders in this type of business.  Nilasor Solutions feels confident in recommending this particular web hosting service provider because we have been dealing with them for quite a while and know what they offer and how they operate.  Nilasor Solutions has no business affiliations with this web hosting service provider, other than being a customer, and do not get any rewards for our recommendation.

Once your domain name has been registered and your web hosting account has been secured and setup, you have
several options on what your next step could be.  Nilasor Solutions will give you a clear outline of what your choices are.  Please note that you are not obligated to Nilasor Solutions for your website development.  At this point, you have a place on the internet for your small business,  you just need to develop your web pages and content.  Nilasor Solutions will be happy to help you in any way that you need our help, and we will lay out all of the options for you to choose your own path.  You are in control of your space on the world wide web!

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*NOTICE:  Payment for Nilasor Solutions services are made through The Mississippi Club Online Store. 



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