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Website Service Fees

Nilasor Solutions wants to bring your vision to life! 

1st 15-Minute Consultation Initial 15-minute consultation free of charge.  Learn about what Nilasor Solutions has to offer. Free
Consultation Consultation in excess of free first 15-minute consultation is $25 per hour.  All fees must be prepaid.  $25/hr.
Startup Fee If after free consultation or extended consultaton, client desires to proceed with web site development, a fee of $250 is required before actual work begins.  After appropriate parties agree to proceed with the proposed project, the startup fee must be paid.  The startup fee covers the requirements gathering phase, target and actual cost estimations, and providing instructions on how to obtain webhosting account.

NOTE:  Startup fee depends on the type of web site needed based on the initial consultation. 
Requirements Gathering Nilasor Solutions, along with the client, shall determine what requirements are necessary for a successful website.  Client must be able to go into detail about the required needs.  This information will be used to determine the cost of the project.  --
Target/Actual Cost Estimate Based on the results of the requirements gathering process, Nilasor Solutions will estimate the cost to complete the project.  The estimate will be presented in estimated hours and associated costs.  The cost will be clearly explained in the estimate.  If the client agrees to the estimated cost, the client will sign-off on the estimate.  If any adjustments need to be made, they will be made prior to the sign-off. --
Review of Final Cost Estimate At this point, the client will have the final cost estimate to complete the project.  The client can do the following:
1.  Sign agreement for Nilasor Solutions to complete work (includes all work listed below), paying 1/3 of the final cost, and paying balance at completion of work.
2.  Pause work on project until a later date.
3.  Pay Nilasor Solutions for quick tutorial and project is completed by client
4.  Complete project entirely on own without further assistance from Nilasor solutions
Obtain Webhosting Account Nilasor Solutions will provide the client with clear guidance on how to obtain their new webhosting account and the recommended tools.  Client is responsible for obtain account and monthly/yearly fees.  Client should be aware of these costs via the cost estimate. --
  The following services are charged at $25 per hour and will be included in the final cost estimate listed above. Cost per hour
Account Setup Create email accounts, security passwords for FTP, etc.  Install any necessary tools such as SSL, etc.  If appropriate, domain transfers.  Create documentation document to capture all important information to be passed to client at end of project. $25/hr.
Template Selection Review and select 1-3 templates for customer review.  If customer wants to get more involved in template selection, create guidance sheet on how to review the templates.  $25/hr.
Create Webpages Using selected template, create the necessary webpages based on the requirements gathering document.  $25/hr.
Create Test Scripts for Acceptance Testing Nilasor Solutions will prepare test scripts to help the client test the webpages prior to going live.  $25/hr.
Client Acceptance Testing Client will use prepared test scripts to test the accuracy of the webpages.  Client will report any errors or required changes.  Client shall review any fixes to verify accuracy prior to signing off. $0
Acceptance Testing Corrections/Fixes Nilasor Solutions will add, change or fix webpages according to directions of client.  $25/hr.
Acceptance Testing Sign-off Client and Nilasor Solutions shall sign-off on acceptance testing when all parties are satisfied. $0
Finalize Client Documentation Complete website documentation, which includes all relevant URLs, passwords, contacts, page formatting, etc.  This documentation will be given to the client. $25/hr.
Go-Live - Move to Production Publish the website and make it visible on the world wide web. $25/hr.
Post-Production Testing Review webpages to make sure all is okay. $25/hr.
Final Sign-Off Both client and Nilasor Solutions shall give final sign-off on project. $0
Send Final Invoice to Client Present client with a final invoice that is due upon receipt.  Project balance is due upon receipt of invoice. $0
Web Page Updates Revisions and additons to web pages/web site, i.e., text, images, tables, installation of add-ons, client consultation, troubleshooting with web host provider, etc.  $25/hr.
Maintenance Contract Revisions and additons to web pages/web site, i.e., text, images, tables, installation of add-ons, etc.  Handling any web site issues that come up, troubleshooting with web host provider, client consultation, etc. $30/month
Web Site Tutorial Basic training of available web tools.  This training is available for those who wish to develop and/or maintain their own web site.  The tools are online and part of the web hosting account. $100
  NOTE:  Nilasor Solutions charges only for actual work.  A detailed report of time spent and items worked on will be presented to client.  


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